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Fishing Information

Bearclaw Lodge Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge?2020-01-06T10:04:42-09:00

The first leg of travel will be from your hometown to Anchorage, Alaska. Your final leg is from Anchorage to Dillingham, Alaska, 350 miles southwest of Anchorage, which is served by RavnAir and Alaska Airlines. Learn more.

Important Travel Details: We recommend following the Alaska Air schedule.  Please schedule to arrive in Dillingham, Alaska on Sunday afternoon any time after 2 pm. This is when we will be at the airport to pick you up. On your departure please schedule to leave Dillingham on Saturday anytime after noon.

What are the best times to fish?2020-01-06T10:06:32-09:00

Please take a look at the fishing page for fishing information to help better visualize when the different opportunities are available. The various salmon species will run at different times of the summer. Rainbow trout, Arctic char, grayling and pike are available to catch throughout the summer although their feeding habits and numbers change as the season moves on.

What does a typical day at the lodge look like?2020-01-06T10:07:19-09:00

Our day begins with breakfast served at 8:00 am. We get on the water by 8:30 am and fish until noon as our guides prepare and serve your shoreline lunches. We make our way back to the lodge around 5:30 pm and prepare for dinner as your salmon catch is being processed. Dinner is served around 6:30 pm. Read more about what to expect.

Can I bring home the fish I catch?2020-01-06T10:08:05-09:00

We practice catch-and-release fishing for all native species (trout, char, grayling and pike) with no exceptions. We encourage catch-and-release fishing for all species by our guests, but those wishing to take salmon home may do so. We will clean, vacuum pack and freeze your catch. Upon your departure we will pack your fish in airline approved wax boxes. For layovers in Anchorage, cold storage is available at the airport. For more fishing information, you can check out our fishing page.

What equipment does the lodge provide?2019-11-19T22:06:18-09:00

The lodge will provide you with breathable waders and wading boots, fly gear, spinning gear and bait-casting gear as well as all the flies and terminal tackle needed for that particular day.

Can I arrange additional fly-out trips?2019-11-19T22:07:02-09:00

Yes we can arrange for additional fly-out trips. Please contact us for a list of locations and available species during the time you are at the lodge. Additional fly-out trips are $600 per person.

Where do I get a fishing license?2019-12-31T09:51:33-09:00

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge is a licensed vendor for fishing licenses and and king salmon tags. You can purchase them at the lodge or purchase them online and get more fishing information from Alaska Fish and Game.

What type of weather conditions can I expect?2019-11-19T22:07:29-09:00

You can expect temperatures to range between 40-70 degrees F with a chance of rain daily. Conditions can change often and quickly.

What if I need to cancel my trip?2019-12-27T15:30:14-09:00

While this does happen occasionally, we will attempt to work with you as much as possible. Our policy states that cancellations made after January 1, in the year of your trip, are subject to a 100% cancellation fee unless the space can be re-booked, or you have the option to transfer your deposit or payments to another available date in the following year only. We will not be responsible for loss of fishing times, lodging, flight delays or any changes due to weather or actions of third parties and do recommend travel insurance.

What do I bring?2020-01-06T10:08:52-09:00
  • The most important item is a good quality pair of polarized sunglasses
  • The second most important item is a quality rain jacket with a hood, GORE-TEX is preferred. Please be sure you bring a rain jacket that allows for layers of clothing underneath it.
  • Warm, layered clothing ( i.e. long sleeved, wool or fleece sweatshirt or jacket)
  • Fleece pant liners to wear under your waders
  • At least 3 pairs of heavy thermal socks
  • Warm cap and gloves for those cool morning boat rides
  • Your favorite fishing gear (rod, reel, tackle), or you may use our equipment
  • Comfortable walking or hiking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Small waterproof dry-bag to store extra layers of clothing and personal items (i.e., camera, snacks) while you fish
  • Personal toiletries (don’t forget any medications you regularly take – we are a long way from a pharmacy!)
  • Slippers/house shoes to wear while you’re inside the lodge
  • Binoculars

If you have any questions about this fishing information or need help planning your trip to Bearclaw Lodge, don’t hesitate to reach out! Visit our contact page or give us a call 1-907-843-1605. You can also check out our fishing blog where you can follow recent news and updates about the lodge.

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