Fishing, Family and Fun | A Multi-Species Adventure at Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge

Article by Marcus Weiner | Photos by Marcus Weiner and Melissa Norris

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge sits on a private parcel of land on a peninsula on Lake Aleknagik, with Jackknife Mountain as the backdrop, at the edge of the Wood-Tikchik state park. The park encompasses a vast, watery expanse that includes many highly productive rivers, lakes and creeks. At 1.6 million acres, it’s the largest state park in the country. There’s an almost unlimited amount of water in which to fish. Included in the species portfolio throughout the season are rainbow trout, Arctic grayling, Dolly Varden char, Arctic char, northern pike, sockeye salmon and coho salmon. 

Melissa and I have been invited to visit Rob Fuentes’ Alaska Bearclaw Lodge on Lake Aleknagik in late July. During this time period, anglers have ample opportunity to catch Arctic grayling and rainbow trout on dry flies. This is a unique opportunity in Alaska, and we are eager to see it first-hand. Our itinerary will include time on the Agulowak River, Agulukpak River and on Sunshine Creek. In addition to topwater opportunities, we will also target sockeye salmon and Dolly Varden char.

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