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Here are a few testimonials of our past guests that have experienced our services and accommodations and find us to rank among the best Bristol Bay Lodges.

I have had many trips to Bearclaw Lodge and all were excellent times. The fishing was fantastic, the accommodations are wonderful in the middle of bush Alaska. The guides take their time and are quite patient with the fisherman. I have hunted and fished different lodges in the lower 48 and in Chile but what makes Bearclaw one of the best Bristol Bay lodges is that you are taken care of from pick up at the Dillingham airport, until you are dropped back off at the airport. Every aspect is explained and your expectation is set, from when you will eat every morning and evening, to what time you will meet your guide to start you day fishing. Your arrival back at the lodge is also a known time so you have no surprises. The food is great and the chef is very attentive to your likes, dislikes or special diet concerns.

Craig Deihl, Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge

My father and I have visited Bearclaw Lodge annually for the past dozen years or more. Although we’ve fished across the lower 48 and in other key destinations (Europe, New Zealand) there is simply nothing that compares with bush Alaska, the Wood-Tikchik river system, or Bearclaw Lodge. When they say 100+ fish days, they actually mean it. We’ve had back-to-back doubles for an hour straight in June. We’ve had days with non-stop dry fly action in July. We’ve seen bead action in August that would blow your mind. We’ve caught boatloads of 24”+ rainbows in a week. We’ve seen the SW Alaska June grand slam (char, dolly, bows, grayling, kings, sockeye) numerous times from clients ranging from beginner to expert. All of this is thanks to Rob, Lisa, and the incomparable guide team they maintain year after year. When additionally viewed through the filter of price, Bearclaw is a value you can’t beat almost anywhere in the world. Highly recommended.

Team Callisto, Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge

I stayed at Bearclaw Lodge last August with 9 other friends and had a great time The accommodations were nice. I shared a comfortable room w/a fellow angler. The guides were very good and we caught a lot of trophy sized fish. Since this was my first trip to Alaska, I don’t have any other lodges to compare it to but I would go back for the fly-fishing. It seems like one of the best Bristol Bay lodges.

Gary F , Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge

I stayed at the Bearclaw Lodge on August 2019 and experienced world class salmon and rainbow trout fishing! The Lodge is very nice and comfortable with all the amenities of home and the views from the deck are breathtaking. The food is served timely each day and is hot and delicious. The guides are all very friendly, experienced and knowledgeable and will flat out put you on the fish! You can pick your preference of quality fishing tackle that is provided and catch plenty of fish on either fly or spinning gear. It is without hesitation that I am happy to highly recommend this Lodge and the owners Rob and Lisa which provide a warm and caring family oriented experience. I certainly intend to return soon.

B E Howell , Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge

The lodge is very nice with a very cozy atmosphere to it. It allows the guests ti mingle and really get to know each other. The guides work hard and do a great job. If you’re like me and need to know a game plan not to worry it is laid out for you each evening, when breakfast is, when you will cast off, where you are going and with whom. The food is great and you will not go hungry!

Craig D , Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge

This was my wife’s and my second visit to Bear Claw Lodge on Lake Aleknagik near Dillingham Alaska. Rob Fuentes, the owner, and two of his guides, Brad and Chad, met us at the Dillingham airport in the lodge van for the short drive to Aleknagik village, where we caught his new boat to the lodge, about 30 minutes away.

We spent the next two days fishing for arctic char, Dolly Vardens, rainbow trout, grayling and sliver salmon in good weather, while my wife accompanied me in the boat with her photographic equipment. She got some great bear photos of one of the brown bears that haunt the river banks this time of the year bulking up on the last salmon of the season as they get ready to hibernate.

We had a large room at the top of the stairs across the hall from the bathroom. The only other guests, two from the Netherlands and one from the Washington State had rooms on the first floor, which also had the kitchen, dining room, and lounge area. The food and hospitallity were once again exceptional.

James595 , Alaska's Bearclaw Lodge

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