Alaska Fishing Lodge

Bearclaw Lodge promotes a family-friendly, relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. Guest rooms are clean and comfortable, as is the lodge. Clients and staff enjoy sit down meals together and the lodge operates as a team. Food is excellent, offering a varied and interesting menu. Local seafood is on display, as well as delicious sides and scratch-made baked goods. Here are some highlights of our Alaska fishing lodge and some of the management philosophies:

  • 10 guests per week maximum, which is low among Alaska fishing lodges, so clients enjoy a guide to two angler ratio, and have an intimate lodging and fishing experience.

  • 5 fully furnished guest rooms with double occupancy.

  • The lodge is located on 13 acres on a peninsula in Lake Aleknagik in the shadow of Jackknife Mountain, offering a quiet and serene location.

  • Beds are comfortable and clean, rooms have plenty of space. Bathrooms are clean and functional with plenty of hot water.

  • Supremely comfortable chairs adorn the front porch so clients can relax and view the scenery.

  • Kayaks and canoes are available so that guests can paddle around and soak in the scenery and wildlife.

  • Guests will catch-and-release all resident species but can keep and take home salmon.

alaska fishing lodge interior
bearclaw alaskafishinglodge
  • Salmon filleting, vacuum sealing, freezing and boxing fish for travel are included.

  • Guides are friendly, experienced, good teachers and show great fishing etiquette around other boats.

  • Boats are in top condition and perform exceptionally well.

  • Simms waders and wading boots for guests are high quality.

  • Management seeks to make each client feel special and customize their itinerary.

  • Tips are pooled and shared among the staff, thereby promoting team unity.

  • Guides are non-competitive and seek to share information with one another.

The Fuentes Family

Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge has been in operation since 1998 and was founded by John and Nancy Norman.  In August of 2002, Rob and Lisa Fuentes made their first visit to Lake Aleknagik and were captivated by the scenery and the variety of the fisheries. They fell in love with the Alaska fishing lodge and have created the beautiful angler paradise it is today.

Rob’s Background

Rob’s formal background includes a BS Biology degree from Baylor University.  Immediately out of college he worked as a field biologist for a state agency in central Texas which focused on environmental projects in the Brazos River basin.  Projects included both chemical and biological assessments of lakes, rivers and streams, which focused on water quality and biological diversity and provided data to determine the health of the watershed.

Rob has grown up in the outdoors and has fished and hunted his entire life, or at least since he could walk.  Rob spent most of his time in the woods and waters of central Texas. He has passed the love of the outdoors on to his 3 daughters who have spent most of their lives growing up, playing, hunting and fishing in the woods and waters of Texas as well, and working in Alaska during the summer months.

Lisa’s Background

Lisa’s formal background includes a BS in Early Childhood Education, Masters in Special Education and has a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) certification with the State of Texas.  Lisa’s passion is working with kids who have special needs, specifically autism. When not at their Alaska fishing lodge, Lisa owns and operates multiple clinics in central Texas and provides resources and help to hundreds of families through the services of behavior therapy.

Creating A Family Business

Rob and Lisa have been owners/operators of Alaska’s Bearclaw Lodge since 2002 and have enjoyed meeting and serving thousands of guests over the years.  In 2013, they expanded their operation to include Alaska Kingfishers. Alaska Kingfishers is a luxury tent camp on the Nushagak River which has been in operation since 1993. 

Rob and Lisa have three daughters that have grown up working in Alaska during the summer months.  Now, as young adults they are involved in a larger capacity with both locations.

Currently, Rob’s oldest daughter Andi and her husband Alvin work primarily at Bearclaw Lodge and assist in the overall management of the Alaska fishing lodge operation.  Their middle daughter Rylie is a D1 athlete who plays volleyball and is also a Senior at Texas State University. Rylie is the assistant manager at Alaska Kingfishers.  Their youngest daughter, Cameron is a Freshman at Texas A&M University and assists with managing the hospitality and kitchen duties at Alaska Kingfishers.

Both Bearclaw Lodge and Alaska Kingfishers provide a family safe atmosphere so that you can be sure you and your family will have a great trip and a memorable experience.

We want your experience at Bearclaw Lodge to be positive, from the booking process all the way through to your departure of our Alaska fishing lodge. Visit our Planning Your Trip page for travel information and to submit your itinerary once your reservation is made. Be sure to complete our Waiver & Release Form when booking.

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